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The Blackout

Rule 40 in the IOC handbook dictates that:

Except as permitted by the IOC Executive Board, no competitor, coach, trainer or official who participates in the Olympic Games may allow his person, name, picture or sports performances to be used for advertising purposes during the Olympic Games.


This basically means that I am not allowed to thank the incredible businesses and hard working individuals, for their part in my success starting from TODAY & throughout the Games. Some of these are businesses and brands that have been supporting me for as long as 7 years (an apple a day keeps the doctor away ;)

Then there are the circumstances where you might see #TeamVisa come up and that would be acceptable thanks to their contributions and sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee.

 I do understand the IOC rulings & respect the reasons why they restrict these few weeks to focus on the performance of the athletes and their Countries.

I am blessed to come from the small town of Milton, ON and that will be proof enough, of some of this amazing support I receive. Fantastic brands have gotten behind me and whom have all enabled me to excel in sport, education & life! I have learned a lot from them and hope to have aspired others to go #BeyondNormal

Thank you ALL for the unconditional awesomeness and I am looking forward to making you proud in just a couple of weeks time. Keep in touch with me through social media and share your stories using #BeyondNormal

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