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The Back Yard Boys go to China!

Canadian Aerials  Russian Freestyle Ski Team at Training Apex

From the age of two, my brother Tyler and I did everything together. Whether it was in gymnastics, trampoline or skiing in our own backyard, we pushed each other and teamed up against the world.

At eight and ten years old, we branded ourselves as the Backyard Boys. With no affiliation to any particular ski club in Ontario, Ty and I stitched BYB onto the back of our freestyle jackets as we travelled to provincial and national competitions with our parents. Now I realize why Dad told me we couldn’t use the acronym for the Back Yard Ontario Boys – BYOB!


Freestyle has very much been a family affair for us Gerrits’ and I am pleased to announce that the Back Yard Boys are reunited, only in a slightly different form.

Tyler will be joining me on the World Cup tour this year. As a family, we thought it would be an incredible opportunity to travel with the team and film/document both my story and that of the Canadian Aerial Team.
Ty has been with me for the last week here in BC filming everything from athlete profiles to wild travel adventures. He even filmed a Japanese production crew, filming an ad agency who were filming me for a Visa commercial. The commercials and content will be airing during the Games.


As you read this, we are probably checking our phones for messages on social media one last time as we board our flight to China – so we appreciate all of the encouragement and support as the two first World Cups of the season approach. One of them will be held in the 2008 Olympic Stadium. This is going to be so rad!!!


I sincerely thank you for following our adventures. To share these stories and my journey to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games is very special and I am so grateful for all of the amazing support and for the new ways in which I will be able to share it with you.

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