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Since the Olympic Games, I have had the incredible opportunity to continue travelling across the globe. Surfing the breaks in Barbados, trekking through the desserts of Mexico, driving a Ferrari on a track in Arizona, running for Wings for Life in Saskatoon and touring my hometown of Milton, Ontario in a helicopter. Red Bull, Hilton HHonors, Chudleigh's and more of my sponsors made these amazing adventures possible and I've found that anything worth doing, is worth overdoing!

It is now time for me to pack a 50Liter backpack and get out of town. A 24 hour travel day will take me through Tokyo all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam. Three weeks later my girlfriend Cath and I have a flight out of the southern part of the country from Ho Chi Minh city. 

With our only plans being not to have any, I can't wait to see what the country has to offer. Motorbikes, food, history, architecture, rice fields and epic photography opportunities are all things I hope to take in and share with you all via my website and @TravisGerrits on Instagram. 

Share your travel tips for Vietnam with me, tag your friends who have been there and be sure to check out the photos up on the web - this is going to be an adventure of a lifetime! 

Any urgent matters while I am away can be taken up with my manager: Heather Gerrits -

If you are interested in working with my photographer:

As always, 

Go Beyond what is Normal! :D

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