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As I sit in seat 20A, on my flight from Toronto to Frankfurt, I grow increasingly excited for the winter adventures to come. My new season starts in Ruka, Finland! This being my fourth time to Ruka, I know exactly what to expect, which makes me feel well prepared going back. Reindeer will be on the menu for dinner, I won’t actually get to see the sun a whole lot (we’re close to the Arctic Circle and this time of year has little to no sunlight) and there will be an amazing jumping site for the Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team and I, for training. Not only will the Canadians be here, our International friends from Switzerland, Russia and Australia will train alongside us and we’ll hang together, on and off the ski hill.
A month in the dark may seem long to most, but we definitely make good use of our time there. I, for example brought my PlayStation, to play a little Call of Duty, as a little distraction and a bit of fun. The reason I don’t take any of my Stanford or Guelph courses in the winter is so that I can arrive at training fresh every day and be 100% dedicated to increasing my landing percentage from last year – which is one of my main goals for the season. Executing triple backflips on skis takes a surprising amount of attention to detail that I can’t compromise by arriving bogged down after studying or writing exams in countries like China or Russia (complicated – trust me). 
Here’s to a great month of training before the first World Cup to be held in the 2008 Olympic Stadium -The Bird’s Nest, in Beijing, China! Stay tuned for times and dates of my events this year. 

See you on the flip side! 

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