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Enjoy the Little Things!

Even after the enormous hype and a 7th place finish at the Olympic Games, this summer I have found new love for the little things that make this journey so special. Whether it was sharing my experiences and stories with hundreds of students or drinking a cup of coffee with teammates, I absolutely love this sport and the people that I get to share it with.

Summer training in Quebec City has come and gone for the Canadian Air Force! Winter is coming and the team and I couldn’t be more excited to head to Finland in just a couple weeks time for our first on-snow training camp of the season. Living in the near dark for 5 weeks will test our patience and circadian rhythm, but we are most certainly up to the challenge!

With our first major event, taking place in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing on December 20th, I will happily be defending my World Cup win from last year! With a strong team this year we also have a great shot at winning the Team Competition.

Enjoy the little things and as my Momanger would say make sure you’re – makin’ it count!

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