Travis Gerrits

Canadian Olympian | Global Adventures | Stanford Certified Project Manager



Go Beyond what is Normal is something that my brother and I coined, while looking to share our adventures with the world. This movement perfectly captures the way I live my life & how I hope to inspire others, to live theirs.

Since day one, I have done everything in an extraordinary way. Whether it was getting my first passport at the ripe age of 2 months; dragging my parents through the trees on our weekend ski retreats to Quebec when I was 7, building jumps in our own backyard to learn my first flips at 10, learning my first quintuple twisting triple backflip at 17, playing Playstation in an airplane from YYZ to YVR, or simply roasting our own coffee beans at home for the best cup of java. I love to embrace the incredible opportunities life throws at us and aspire to find the abnormal in an average day.

Keep track of my adventures in 2014 and share your own stories/photos/videos with me using the tag #BeyondNormal 

- - Travis

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