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Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

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Just one day apart from mine I'm wishing Qi a Happy birthday! Unreal skier and great friend from China 🎉 #Everywhere

So excited to finally have a phone that can keep up with my lifestyle! The new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has an awesome 16mp camera, can withstand water and the battery won't die on me while travelling some of the most extreme and remote places in the world! Thank you @samsungcanada for supplying me with the best!

No training scheduled today - time to enjoy my day off and my BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for all of the messages everyone!

Tia | lulu | Bentley 🐾🐶🐾 Tag someone who loves furry friends!

Well thank you @HiltonHHonors for the warm welcome in Florida! The stay was short but sweet!

Hanging in the lounge with some of the mogul skiers before they head to Switzerland and I head to Orlando for 24 hours! Good times with some rad people