Travis Gerrits

Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

Cool to fly over the new Velodrome being built in Milton for the Pan-Am Games! Thanks Dean 👌🚁

Lulu and I hangin' out at the ramps today!

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Almost finished another course at Stanford University! Their online program is phenomenal and allows me to continue my education while training 40+ hours a week. Thank you Visa Business Canada!

Pour tous les gens de Quebec, je vais passer à Salut Bonjour avec Nicolas Fontaine à 8:10 ce matin - ne manquer pas ça!

For anyone in the Quebec area or for those of you have get some French channels on TV, Nicolas Fontaine and I will be on Salut Bonjour this morning at 8:10 - be sure to catch it!

Go check out my new video of teammate Jean-Sebastian Comeau and I participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge before hitting the double together! Video: #icebucketchallenge #ALS #goingbig