Travis Gerrits

Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

Haven’t felt this good on my skis in a long time. Probably goes back before my diagnosis and the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. This is just the beginning of what will most certainly be an epic season. Thanks for all the support both in the highs and lows 😉🤙

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SWAP! Freestyle family matters most when you’re on tour months on end. My good pal @sir_dimitri_isler & I exchanged last year’s National Team jackets - go check this guy out and watch for some big things as we go head to head and challenge each other, leading into one of the biggest years of our career yet 🤙

Summer training complete. Winter, I'm coming for you 🏔❄️

Anyone else struggling to lose those last few pounds? I'm 169.2cm (5'6 and a half) sitting at 147.5lbs this morning. Weight is so key in our sport to minimize impact on landing. The struggle is to find maximum strength and power in a lean/light body, with a low fat percentage. My target weight is in-between 143-145lbs and going into the last Games I was even lighter than that. They key has been consistency in diet across training abroad and at home - the temptations will always be there, so for me it's re-learning self control.

Stoked to get airborne next week in Finland! Winter is almost here 🖤

It would be a lie if I said there weren’t days where I struggle, but it’s through the constant pursuit of excellence and effort to overcome adversity that I appreciate this sport so much.

Happy 24th birthday bro! @tygerrimages & I have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world together and he’s taught me more about life than almost anyone! Love you big guy!

That’s a wrap for my “summer” season! Since getting surgery on my knee I couldn’t be happier with my progress. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible !