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Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

Un gros merci au Café Noisette pour me réchauffer après les entrainments sur la ramps d'eau! Vous êtes les meilleures

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Full moon tomorrow night! Share your shots and thoughts with me of the 'lunar effect' on the human body!

Wicked day golfing with family! ✈️ back to Quebec City now to finish off summer. Cheers - it's still the weekend!

Super psyched on finishing another business course at Stanford University! Final grade was a 92 and I am four courses away from graduating in the Advanced Project Management program. Thank you for this incredible opportunity Visa Business Canada! #Blessed

Proud to have represented the athletes and NSO's in Toronto as part of the partnership announcement between Mackenzie Investments and Snow Sports Canada!

Another great sleep is going to be had tonight! @HiltonHHonors makes me feel at home whether I'm in Milton or downtown Toronto for the night

Cool to fly over the new Velodrome being built in Milton for the Pan-Am Games! Thanks Dean 👌🚁