Travis Gerrits

Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

Two brothers, one family, all chasing our dreams with passion. Be sure to check out the video in my bio! Content creator • @tygerrimages

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Exploring Lake Placid on our days off 🏔

Back to basics in Lake Placid! (A little sloppy, but first one this year) This is how we work on technical skills, in progression towards our harder tricks in the summer time. This particular trick is called a double full which I do "diver style" where you can see me with one arm up at the beginning. 🎥 • @felixcormier #TheEhTeam

Just arrived in Lake Placid, New York to kick off water ramp season! That pool tomorrow morning is going to be a chilly one with all of this snow... 🙃

@freestyleskimom is the strongest woman I know and has been there for me and many others since day one. She inspires me on a daily basis and supports me through the thick and thin. I can't imagine a world without her by my side. Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you!