Travis Gerrits

Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

#Goobers • Bentley is wondering if it’s the long weekend yet... That face tho!!!

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💙 This beautiful woman has many hats and I am lucky enough to call her Mom. @teamgerrits is Mom to more than just my family though and that’s just another reason I am so proud of her. Cherish those you love and help celebrate any special somebody today 🙏

Deere John, how’s my form? 🤔 First time doing normal people things in the summer 😂 Photo • @freestyleskimom

It was an honour to speak as an #RBCOlympian in Toronto yesterday!! Wonderful group and I showcased a top secret video for the first time of when the Backyard Boys first got together. Thanks @rbc 🙏 Photo | @freestyleskimom

Honoured to have been asked to work behind the counter for McHappy day in Milton from 4-6pm this afternoon! I have personally seen the great work that has been done to support families in need. Come say hi !!! #MiltonON #McHappyDay

I have the best grandmother ever! She’s so cool I had to buy a car just like hers ! Love you Bumma! Photo | @freestyleskimom

Today my girl Tia and I passed the evaluation and became registered and certified for therapy services under @therapeuticpawsofcanada! We will begin visiting hospitals, homes, schools and anyone else in need of some pet therapy. My personal story of why I wanted to try and certify Tia for therapy was after my recent hospitalization for mental health struggles. During my stay as an “in-patient”, I saw that there was a pet-therapy session one of the day’s and I was ecstatic to learn more, as I missed my three crazy Olde English Bulldogges at home immensely. The buzz in the ward around this particular healing therapy session was huge. At two o’clock, as promised, Mr. Maggoo came to visit! He was a moppy looking character with such an amazing little personality. He visibly brightened up those dark days of everyone there – including myself. Upon discharge, I couldn’t wait to get back to my doggies and thought about how amazing it would be if I could be that person to bring happiness to those in need through my furry little friend Tia. She is calm, cuddly and pretty darn cute if you ask me ! Making for a perfect candidate for the program. All I can say is how much gratitude I have for having Tia among many others in my life that shine a light in the presence of darkness and I can’t wait to share my little girl with others. Change and kindness starts with you – or your dog ;) 🐾🐶❤️

Just part of my quiver from over the years of doing the 1️⃣ thing I do best - JUMP!!!

Ever wonder what an orthopaedic surgeon sees when taking a peak inside a knee that has a torn meniscus? Here’s an inside look 🤨 #3rdTimesACharm ☘️