Travis Gerrits

Doing triple backflips on a daily basis.

I come into the jump with one arm up to create more tilt which helps accelerate the twist. I do two full twits in the first flip in the "diver style" position then break out to do one full twist in the second flip. This trick is called a double full full and this is the second time I've done it since my accident in Switzerland this summer. All in all I'm happy with my progress and am stoked to bring this to the triple again this week. 🙃

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Thanks to the best crew for coming down to Lake Placid to cheer on #ThEhTeam!! An 8th place finish isn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I'm definitely making some great progress!

From bearing the frigid cold in Quebec to putting my rain gear on in Lake Placid! 📷 • @mavcity17

These rad brothers are blowing up! Head on over and check @teamlillis2018 out 👊Amazing how skiing can bring people together ⛷

Wrapped up 2016 with a bang!!! May the New Year bring health and happiness to all of you wonderful people! ❤

One of our baby bullies, Kona. She was named after our family's favourite coffee bean ☕️